10 Reasons to try Equity Release

Equity release top 10 reasons
For most people their property represents their major asset so an equity release scheme can be useful to access these funds.
Any lump sum released is paid tax free.
The scheme can be used to pay off debt and make retirement more comfortable.
The money released can be used for holidays, home improvements or to help children onto the property ladder. In fact it can be used for any purpose you wish.
You can continue to live in Your Home until you move into full time care or pass away.
If you take a lifetime mortgage you continue to own 100% of your property with interest building up until the house is sold. This means there are usually no monthly re-payments to have to worry about.
You may have a no negative equity guarantee.
You can release a monthly income to supplement your pension income so you are more comfortable financially in retirement.
Releasing equity in your home is one way which you may be able to pay your care home fees and still keep your home.
If your estate is large enough equity release can be used to avoid Inheritance Tax. This is a complex area and professional advice should be sought.